I have noticed and appreciated graphic design from a young age. Images such as company logos and road signs would grab my attention and I wanted the ability to create such designs. I also have found a lot of satisfaction in building or creating things and putting my own touch on the work I do. Creating art appeals to me because my art allows me to say what can not be said with words. I sometimes feel awkward when putting words together and this is why drawing pictures is so attractive to me.

In graphic design I believe that communication is the most important factor: the piece has to be understood by the viewer, but the imagery needs to connect with the viewer just like much graphic design connected with me when I was young. My graphic design work tends to use colors that contrast well and text that is easily read because the main focus is on communication. The signs and symbols of graphic design are a powerful way for people to communicate and I want my work to reflect this idea. One piece I created that is a prime example is my outdoor ad for Barilla pasta. This ad was inspired by my response to seeing billboards when I was younger, and I wanted to design something that would stir up a similar emotional connection because families were the target audience for the product, and a good advertisement would connect with both parents and children. The design used a high-contrast color scheme of yellow-orange on a Barilla blue background, with a face made out of different kinds of pasta and the tagline “The pasta-bilities are endless.”

Imaginary cartoon characters such as the face on the Barilla ad are a common theme in my artwork. This goes back to my childhood and my interest in comic characters, and such figures were the underlying theme of my series of prints from Fall 2008. I also find inspiration from settings and scenes, which can be seen in my landscape drawing series from Fall 2007.

I am skilled in traditional artistic mediums such as drawing and painting, but I most often create the final product on the computer. Sometimes I will draw sketches on paper to get inspirations for my designs, other times the results come spontaneously. In my artwork I am often inspired by subconscious thoughts which can be translated to paper right away. Whether I am creating graphic design, painting, or drawing, I find that I am at my creative peak when I have a large block of time that I can put into my work because I can use that time to experiment and try different ideas instead of cranking ideas out in a short time period. Creating art allows me to have a wide range of work from which I can choose my best pieces. I know my work is successful when I find myself looking at it again and again.